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  • Counselling & Psychotherapy

    • Is anxiety impacting upon the choices you make?
    • Are you feeling low?
    • Do you need help with your anger?
    • Do you have difficulty sustaining intimate relationships?
    • Is work stress depleting you?
    • Are you feeling lost?

Counselling in Dibden Purlieu, Southampton

Welcome to Amanda Barry Counselling & Psychotherapy in Dibden Purlieu, Southampton.

As a qualified professional counsellor, I can offer you a safe reflective space, a space away from friends, family and colleagues where your voice can be heard.

I will help you gain greater understanding of situations; discover how you may form a part of them and together we will explore new possibilities.

I am caring and warm, with a passion for working with people. I am humbled by my client’s journey of self-discovery.

Amanda Barry Counsellor